Missing In Action: How Depression Hijacked My Life

My Recent Relapse of Clinical Depression I feel compelled to share with the few followers I have why I have been absent from the blogging scene for the past 13 months. I started blogging when my mind had enough serotonin, neuroephrine and dopamine neurotransmitters swirling around in my synapses to sustain a sense of normality,... Continue Reading →

‘Bangkok Boy’ – Chai Pinit

It was a Wednesday night in downtown Bangkok, we left our hotel in Sukhumvit and headed for Thailand's red light district. We had never been to Bangkok and were curious about the live Go-Go shows, underworld sexual exploitation and city life. We had spent our first few days exploring the cultural sights: the Grand Palace... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get This Blog Rolling…

Nothing like a little self disclosure to get the blog rolling... I am new to the blogging world and endeavour to create an open forum where anyone from the global community can express their views, experience and/or expertise on issues raised. Tonight i am going to start with a brief introduction into my experience with... Continue Reading →

Urban Warriors

Who is an Urban Warrior? Urban Warriors are individuals who have experienced and overcome significant adversities in their lives. Specifically, people fighting to overcome or learning to cope with their experience of mental illness or disability. People struggling against the tsunami wave of systemic discrimination, prejudice, stigmatization, social marginalization and exclusion. We are all Urban... Continue Reading →

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