Urban Warriors


Who is an Urban Warrior? Urban Warriors are individuals who have experienced and overcome significant adversities in their lives. Specifically, people fighting to overcome or learning to cope with their experience of mental illness or disability. People struggling against the tsunami wave of systemic discrimination, prejudice, stigmatization, social marginalization and exclusion. We are all Urban Warriors! Fighting to survive in this system!

Urban Warriors is a blogspace dedicated to the experience of psychiatric and physical disabilities. I aim to highlight the inspirational stories and positive character attributes of individuals who have recovered from a mental illness. To illuminate the possible and compare individual narratives. Everyones experience of mental illness is unique and by sharing narratives we can discover alternative treatments and find solace in our shared experiences.

Stay tuned – this blog space will be up and running by Mid 2015. I endeavour to create a webspace that is open to everyone to share their experiences and engage with one another. I am the administrator and will start this project in a few weeks. I aim to interview locals who have experienced mental and physical disabilities and share their stories on this blog space. Hopefully ultimately creating a forum where people feel free to share their experiences with mental illness or physical disabilities. A place where people can communicate with each other how they overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and fought until near breaking point invisible battles.

In the meantime please checkout my other blog: http://www.madeinsydney.net and inspirational photos relating to the Urban Warriors theme at: http://www.weheartit.com/katjolliffe

Connect Via Twitter @UrbanLWarriors    http://www.twitter.com/UrbanLWarriors

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