I will research websites and educational references later to include in this section and will add more sites as the blog progresses. If you would like to include any sites you find relevant or helpful please reply to this page with the web address and contact details.

Mental health

Click to access Factsandfiguresaboutmentalhealthandmooddisorders.pdf

Government Websites

Workers with mental illness a guide for managers

Click to access workers_mental_illness_guide_0.pdf

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Risk Assessment…/framework-suicide-risk-assess.pdf

Domestic Violence

Commonwealth Discrimination Acts

National Disability Service‎‎

24 hour Counselling

Lifeline 24/7 Crisis Support Counselling in Australia 13 11 14‎

Social, Economical and Political Factors


Click to access 338__Poverty_Factsheet.pdf

Click to access povertyfacts.pdf‎



Click to access ASAP_Australian_Political_Party_Poverty_Audit.pdf



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