Your Story

Thank you for visiting the Urban Life Warriors Community Blog Group.

I would love to hear your story and add it to the Urban Warriors Global Community.

We all have a story and through contributing on the Urban Warriors Blog your story becomes one of the many diverse narratives helping people to understand mental and physical disabilities. It is in your story others may find solace through shared experience and develop a deeper understanding of what it is like to experience a disability in todays society.

I encourage you to share publicly or to begin privately if you require support and aren’t ready to disclose to the public.

Please reply on this page and i will get back to you within the week and we can discuss how you would like your story to be conveyed. All comments are moderated and will not be published publicly without your permission.

Alternatively you can contact me at the email address:

If you have any questions or are simply curious please drop me a line. You can also reply directly with your story to anywhere on this site and i will publish it.


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